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The world of Chinese fast food fast investment how much money

The market demand of

Chinese fast food must not say what small, presumably want to enter the catering industry entrepreneurs to have these basic conditions about crystal clear, but one thing we know, although Chinese fast food in the development momentum is now under the age of the Internet is good, but also bring great the market competitiveness, this is the restaurant to face difficulties. As a business venture investors need to maximize their own market competitiveness. Choose the brand is one of the key steps.

2010, the world quickly came to China, and entered the Hefei market, the headquarters after a detailed investigation, the local flavor characteristics, with the broad and profound China diet culture as the basis, in the product innovation, including the most common Chinese on both sides of the Changjiang River favorite food products and operating skills, both consumer tastes across and the preference, the breakthrough tradition, innovation, to develop more and more people meet the taste of delicacy, has formed more in line with the modern population sense of many varieties of standard meal and catering. Fast Chinese fast food how much money?

How much money does

need to invest in Chinese fast food?

join fee as follows

venture store:

store requirements: 50-100 square meters

join fee: 48800 yuan

standard store:

store requirements: 101-150 square meters

join fee: 68800 yuan

image store:

store requirements: 151-200 square meters

join fee: 88800 yuan

fast world of Chinese fast food to meet the different needs of different age levels and meal meal period, greatly enriched the consumer dining options and consumption patterns, and on the current situation of the fast and market products lack contrast.

fast world unique product positioning, has strong adaptability and universality in the category and variety development, elegant dining environment, continuously improve the quality of service, fast world Chinese fast food become more China features of new fast food brand, so that consumers really feel the "family’s kitchen, the company cafeteria is operation of the road fast world. Welcome to join the national fast food industry, together with the realization of wealth dream!

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