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A good customer of Taiwan chicken joined the worldwide delicious

Taiwan chicken joined the project selection, has always been very business choice. How about a good guest Taiwan chicken? High quality entrepreneurial projects. Small business passengers choose to join the best Taiwan chicken? The best choice to be trusted. Join the passengers better Taiwan chicken you are still hesitant what?

authentic Taiwan flavor exclusive authentic delicacy more attractive technology induced property — Taiwan bu’erjia delicacy

Kejia Taiwan chicken franchise is not affected by the restrictions, early in the evening meal 24 hours a night, spring and autumn and winter hot super food stalls no off-season. At present, passengers preferred Taiwan chicken stores in many markets across the country is still in a blank state, and the profits of infinite space, every hour can fried chicken more than and 100 tablets every day at least 8 hours working time, sales easily reach 5000-8000 yuan, profit value can reach above 50%, and soon will be able to recover the cost, is very little strength the meal drinks

true king shop – nearly a hundred stores in the capital you visit

Kejia Taiwan chicken franchise brand to enter the mainland, was advanced in the capital Beijing, currently has 8 stores, 80 stores, stores the real name, home hot! Kejia Taiwan chicken is fried chicken franchise brand Zhiyingdian industry has the most real chicken brand, Ltd. can provide all the detailed address and franchise outlets, each of them can in Beijing any visits, on-site experience in Inn Hot business.

original equipment to ensure a free shops operating

Kejia Taiwan chicken joined the headquarters with a strong R & D team, organization of experts in food engineering, physics, chemistry, and other aspects of food safety, the number of years of research, successy developed the chicken conditioning equipment, it has effectively improved the chicken processing technology, has epoch-making significance, revolutionary Taiwan Kejia name! Big chicken stores original, first, any domestic at present no breakthrough, is " the customer " the biggest advantage. It turned out, not only means that the Taiwan chicken can walk into rural, let people enjoy Taiwan snacks, more important is the transfer of island culture, promote cross-strait exchanges and peaceful reunification.

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