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Do business may wish to establish customer files will contact the whole

some customers have become a regular shop, however, due to the owner’s attention, resulting in customer shopping enthusiasm is not high, or loyalty is not high, which will have an impact on the store’s business development. So, if it is to open a shop to do business, may wish to establish customer files, so as to facilitate contact.

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research, a customer into the store within 3 minutes, the owner can not be the same if the establishment of relationship between customers, customers and the owner is not communicating, then he will not have what impression for the shop, at least not remember you, how to open up the situation in this limited 3 minutes, so he can from stranger to serve as the owner will need the details.

when a strange customer to shop, the shopkeeper besides active enthusiastic and greet customers, ask the customer needs, in order to retain these customers for the first time to shop, how to work in the communication, more attention to observation, according to the customer’s age, dress, language, habits and so on some spit on external observation, and to find the starting point of customer communication.

talking with customers is the process of communicating with the user, which is a two-way communication. Not only our own to say, but also to encourage each other to speak through his speech, and, we can understand the basic situation, such as: customer personal work, residence, hobbies, family, often go shopping etc..

2006 Xiao Song from the army back, opened a "snow country parity Department" in Anhui County of Huoqiu province is located in the S310 Road, due to the small Song warm, good at developing new customers, old customers more and more, this is due to the small details of the service usually do well in Song dynasty.

every time a customer door small song are active and enthusiastic for customers to smoke, chatted through communication to find a common topic, Xiao Song will collect some basic information about communication to the collection, set up a consumer file to consumers, files mainly include the target customer name, address and contact information, brand preferences. In order to facilitate the next into the store when you can easily open the case, to provide personalized services for them.

another holiday can also make a phone call, send a text message, ask a good voice, blessing. During the 2013 Spring Festival, Xiao Song supermarket turnover or even surpassed the song shop on the streets of the big supermarkets, some customers away to his shopping in the supermarket.

is now a variety of shops so much, if their services are not unique, but also how to protect the business unpopular? So, if you want to make the store more loyal customers, business can be more popular, may wish to establish the customer files, so easy to contact, make money.

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