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To be able to do business the whole an antidote against the disease

every customer attitude in the shopping time will be different, shopkeepers if you want to get more customers recognized, nature also need to get more customers an antidote against the disease, recognition, so as to ensure business development. So, if you want business booming, the remedy is very important oh.

my little smoke Hotel area is not big, every time the weather is warmer, our family will gather outside the store to eat.

, I’m drinking with dad. This time to two customers, I would like to go up: "the boss of the two, I would like to ask what?"

"how much is a bottle of Wuxing Shuang’gou ah" customer asked.

had been selling 60 yuan five-star double, because there are many shops selling 55 yuan, so I will answer to 55 yuan a bottle of "

"Wow, so expensive ah, a customer’s shop to sell 50 yuan ah" which is called.

"two big boss, you think I sell 55 yuan expensive, right? I used to sell 60 yuan, and now I have to bring down the price. So you can see, now I have a way not to spend a penny, tonight, I promise you a good drink, "I said half of the stop.

"how do you say that?" Two customers eagerly waiting for my second line.

"you will be at the side of the hotel to the end of the dishes to me here, ah, you paste the dishes, I paste the wine, and I shop to do the wine you pick," I said in a sincere smile.

saw two customers I was amused, shy said: "how dare ah".

so they don’t mention counter-offer things, paid 110 yuan, carrying 2 bottles of Wuxing Shuanggou cheery said while walking, the boss really speaks, is knowing that we are willing to spend more money to buy.

many shopkeepers are complaining about bad business, but it’s often because they don’t have the right way. In fact, in our usual business, may encounter a variety of customers, but as long as we match up, then make the customer an antidote against the disease, will also have to deal with.

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