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Biyige joined the investment agency

pizza franchise investment agency preferred Biyige pizza, pizza if this brand of small said interest, Xiaobian can come together to find the characteristics of pizza brand.

Biyige is from Italy authentic Italian pizza pizza brand, adhering to the most authentic production process, the maximum to meet the consumer demand for a variety of food, Biyige pizza delicacy y reflects Italy delicacy of this geographical advantage, let the customer Chinese door can not feel the delicacy of Italy customs.

Biyige as a representative of the domestic brand authentic Italian pizza, with a strong Italian style, for the majority of domestic consumers to experience the Italian delicacy. It is usually Biyige pizza with tomato sauce in the fermentation of pita bread, cheese and other ingredients, the oven baked. In the fast food industry, the existing pizza brand taste is monotonous, and no deeper exploration of its food fun.

Biyige joined the investment agency

Biyige pizza first open kitchen, consumers can according to their own preferences to participate in the process of making pizza, make the favorite pizza delicacy in under the guidance of the clerk. Biyige pizza each style is unique, novel, Biyige delicious pizza, as long as the average consumption of ten yuan, diners natural hot pursuit.

Biyige pizza based on the continuation of the traditional Italian pizza, combined with the domestic consumer eating habits are improved, not only the size of the traditional circular pizza, pizza taste also covers square can fight the election! Let consumers in the taste based on pure pizza taste, easily with the chosen delicious combinations, enjoy 100 so delicious! Biyige colorful style pizza once launched, quickly caused a hot meal Hou

queuing phenomenon!

above is a simple comparison of Italian pizza, if you want to join us, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the arrangements for our staff to contact you.

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