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At the start Manicure store thousand dollars a month

Manicure shop in modern society is very popular, and now basically in some high streets and back lanes will see some Manicure shop, then say the entrepreneurial project is open Manicure shop.

"at that time I had a double degree reported money, but did not find that want to offer professional, so I took the money to purchase, I started the business Manicure." Yesterday, the memories of the second time the opportunity to open a nail shop, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2011 German Department of Chongqing girl Zhang Qiuzha wink, slightly mischievous smile.

the school 2012 students majoring in telecommunication engineering Yu Yaxian told reporters: "Zhang Qiu, their schoolwork is very heavy, but Manicure time listen to us. Outside the nail, product quality and service are not as good as her here. Her life is very delicate, good grades, often give me help and advice, really admire her."


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