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Entrepreneurial golden age in what age Yu Minhong gives the answer

people say that life is not long, say short not short, every age has the right thing to do. For many entrepreneurs, they are most concerned about is the golden age of entrepreneurship is what age. In response to this problem, the entrepreneurial community, Yu Minhong gives the answer, he believes that 20 year old venture too young, at the age of 60 is too large, from 25 to 45 years old is the golden age of entrepreneurship.

9 18 afternoon, Yu Minhong came to Xi’an Jiao Tong University, along with the creation of Hong Thai fund partner and former chairman of Huatai Securities Sheng Xitai, two people with "Hong Tai gang members attended the new Hong Thai fund in Xi’an news conference.

for the current business tide, that he should do two things: one is the concept of lead, two is the leading science and technology. "You told me the sun came out of the East, but you have to tell me where the East is" He said that the government now has to do is to lead the whole society to entrepreneurship, which is suitable for entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, to pay attention to science and technology content of entrepreneurial projects, only the continuous development of high-tech, we can lead the world. And we want to invest in the future is to lead the world’s enterprises." For example, he said, Zhongguancun has just been established, there are a lot of Swindlers Company, and now these companies almost no, but many start-ups have no technology leading concept.

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