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To crack down on smuggling of Guangzhou fishing boats smuggling case cracked Chili oil

people tend to smuggle in order to avoid tariffs, in which substantial profits. According to Guangzhou customs 8 foreign bulletin, on December 26, 2016 the joint Gongbei customs to carry out joint operations in the local public security and help Shenzhen, Jiangmen customs, uncovered the use of fishing boats smuggling Chili oil major, Chili oil smuggling destroyed 8 gangs, arresting 64 people, preliminary verification of the gang Chili oil smuggling nearly 20 thousand tons worth about 79 million yuan. The case is the 2016 Guangzhou customs and other customs to take joint action cross Customs seized the largest smuggling case Chili oil.

according to reports, the day of action in Guangzhou customs dispatched 148 police, 26 vehicles, simultaneously carry out arrests in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and other places, in one fell swoop destroyed in Lumou, Zhong, Zhou led the 3 Chili oil smuggling Gang, arresting 45 people, the main targets of appearing in court. The Chili oil decolorization on-site inventory point 3, 80 tanks, tank car 29. Seized in connection with Chili oil, documentary evidence, electronic evidence and other evidence of a group.

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students Chili oil smuggling

"Chili oil", especially Hongkong diesel factory, specialized for exemption of the ship, for the convenience of identification, adding red dye, "Chili oil" can not be used in international trade. There are some difference due to tax exemptions, and sales in the mainland diesel it is understood that the current Hongkong Chili oil price of HK $3900 / ton (about 3100 yuan / ton), while the domestic market No. 0 diesel oil price is 4100 yuan / ton, this high profit makes criminals to seek illegal interests, hold a fluke psychological rush into danger.

in order to avoid arrest, they do everything possible to avoid detection, hidden transaction. Illegal use of Hong Kong and Macau small ships and Guangdong fishing boats from Hongkong oil tanker loading oil, the mother ship barge oil, through the Pearl River estuary waters around off smuggling to Guangzhou Huadu, Foshan South China Sea and other places, in the Chili oil factory after decolorization decolorization of illegal business, sold to Hunan, Jiangxi and other places for profit.

ants move smuggling Gang clear division of labor

for the implementation of the "country sword 2016" joint special action to combat the smuggling of refined oil, "thunder 2016" special action, Guangzhou customs anti smuggling Bureau of a smuggling of refined oil clues thorough Mocha management, grasp the main people involved in the activities of the.

found that the anti smuggling police, Guangdong Mobile fishing suspect Lee and other Chili oil smuggling gangs responsible for a large number of oil from the Hongkong oil tanker, blow to evade Customs, only a small amount of the flow of each fishing boat and then Chili oil, Chili oil smuggled to the mainland will Chili oil barge to recommend

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