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Analysis of common problems in laundry franchise stores

modern people are busy with their work, and they may not be able to take care of the trivial chores of cooking and washing. So it’s a good project to open a dry cleaner. The common problems of

color problems, such as macular stains and wind stains (and accumulated out because the clothes hanging too long stains), watermark, color fading, color and so on, flowers. The nature and sources of pollution is very complicated, there are properties of dyes and pigments can see at a glance the color spots, there are some can not see the hidden color stains, paints and coatings, the former from food contamination, the latter from body fluids (urine, sweat, etc.), chemicals, drugs, daily life the detergent and cosmetics, sometimes bright and dark pollution to people’s clothes in trouble, but also to the laundry problem.

1, customer made and failed to get rid of.

2, delay time is too long, color stains have dried up aging.

3, difficult to deal with the unknown nature of pollution.

4, stains easily hurt the material and the background, but was sent to the laundry with these stains clothes. Most of the clothes can not be separated from these circumstances, and thus bring a lot of problems to the laundry. Laundry store

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