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Zhou Ciying always adhere to the common prosperity of the whole concept

for entrepreneurs, may be a lot of people will think they are very selfish, as well as their own wealth, it will not consider everyone. However, this is not the case of the hero. "I hope I through entrepreneurship and to build up the family fortunes, home rich, let nearby villagers live a good life, and I like to live a good life" Zhou Ciying in the chat inadvertently reveal such voices.

set up a rich platform to serve rural construction

Zhou Ciying was born in the town of Hunan Province, the town of Liuyang on the farmer’s family, did not receive higher education, but in the entrepreneurial road to continue to learn, continue to seek business opportunities. Her goal is to make the whole town build up the family fortunes, people have money to spend.

has a number of entrepreneurial experience, she inadvertently learned in 2009 honeysuckle value, keen to feel the prospects for the development of honeysuckle, she believes that this is a good way to lead farmers to get rich together.

2010, in accordance with the local rural economic development, farmers actively participate in the professional services market operation principle, the establishment of the "Liuyang City Lok Planting Technology Development Co., ltd.. In the hands of a little money, always want to do something for the villagers." Zhou Ciying said that the road on the road for decades to help the neighbors.

to develop modern agriculture and promote new product development

Liuyang City Xing Le Planting Technology Development Co., the use of "company + cooperatives + base + farmers" mode of operation, the introduction of scientific planting technology, increase the technology investment, and guide the implementation of pollution-free standardized planting of honeysuckle, honeysuckle seedling quality, the honeysuckle cultivation area, planting, harvesting, processing and scientific methods. Better agricultural, industrial and trade integration services, led the local people to get rich. Existing members of the company’s base are local villagers, the villagers increase more than 10 million yuan, the average annual net income of more than ten thousand yuan growers.

honeysuckle market has encountered a storm, demonstration base was tested. A southern honeysuckle lit remarks caused a huge negative impact is difficult to eliminate. The company will choose the steering function of honeysuckle tea, signed a cooperation intention with the sale of Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical Group, to expand the function and development of honeysuckle tea market. But the market is still in the doldrums. Zhou Ciying thought, to develop another product to become a refuge another way, such as the role of health products have become her first choice.

development so far, the company has not only honeysuckle planting, as well as fruit, Yellow Gardenia, liver chrysanthemum and some other natural products beneficial to the human body. Zhou Ciying, chairman of the leadership to come to the planting base and introduction, Chun town rich in calcium, zinc, selenium, iron kaolin red, for planting flowers, nursery stock, Chinese herbal medicine is very recommended

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