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Dumpling stores location recommendations

how to choose the dumpling shop? This is a small entrepreneurs need to think about the problem. Lots of gold is not a lot, how to successy find the right location? Many franchisees have expressed doubts about this issue, if you want to find a suitable location, then hurry to learn about it, Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

if the resident population of dumpling stores in the area, and the floating population not much, it will be a lack of popularity, it is difficult to form a relatively stable consumer group. Blocked by the building stores affect the visibility of the dumpling shop, will weaken the source. In particular, the door can not be right at the front of the tree, the tree is of lush trees, the air will not flow, once the thunderstorm days there will be a risk of electric shock.

sometimes dumplings store location is good, but in the hot summer, even if there is air conditioning, the customer is not willing to take the sun into the restaurant. The outlet position should choose. Especially in the northern city, winter, cold wind was. If the door to the wind, the general direction of the northwest, the customer into the store will cause trouble. Slope affect vehicle parking, adverse customers into the store. Dumpling shop door opposite the two side by side building the edifice, an alley between left to form "Chuantangfeng", will naturally affect the business.

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