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Hangzhou open entrepreneurial paradise construction plan

entrepreneurship can not only to a certain extent, to promote employment, alleviate unemployment, but also to promote regional economic development, so welcomed by local governments. Recently, Hangzhou introduced a variety of programs to create a business incubator base, the potential to build Hangzhou entrepreneurial paradise.

Hangzhou set for your goal is to 2017, the height of the development of innovation and entrepreneurship support, innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship are highly clustered, the system of investment and financing business continues to mature, more perfect service system, innovation output has achieved remarkable results.

the various types of incubators, the public record space, business incubator, innovation park innovation carrier reached 500. Each year to receive more than 70 thousand college graduates, the introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship to hang overseas high-level talent of the top 15 thousand, attracting more than 300 thousand scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Angel investment and venture capital to develop a high degree of angels, entrepreneurship and other types of funds to guide the scale reached 4 billion yuan, invested small and micro enterprises of private capital and venture capital of more than $200 billion. Entrepreneurial service institutions to reach 1000, business mentor to reach 2000 people, the formation of three-dimensional multi-level innovation and entrepreneurship counseling system. At the same time, the development of science and technology small and micro enterprises reached 10, high-tech enterprises reached 8000, high-tech industry output value exceeded $600 billion, 000 people have more than 30 valid invention patents.

initiative to reduce barriers for business services


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