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Beijing medicine separate reform to be implemented

2017 a lot of medical platform gradually into people’s sight, for food and drug safety, cause people’s attention. Beijing City, the separation of medicine from the implementation of the reform tomorrow, and synchronize the start of the pharmaceutical sunshine procurement. Beijing Wei Planning Commission, said the addition of drugs to cancel the policy and the effect of superposition of the purchase of sunlight.

drug procurement platform similar to the electricity supplier platform, price, inventory are open and transparent. At present, there are more than 7 thousand varieties of drugs, more than 40 thousand gauge platform, settled in the distribution business reached more than and 140. After the formal operation of the platform, Beijing Wei Planning Commission will dynamically adjust the lowest reference price of drugs, and the implementation of real-time warning of high purchasing prices.

In addition to

, the clinical treatment required the shortage of low-cost drugs, do not limit the lowest price, the supply price can be dynamically adjusted according to the changes of supply and demand of the market, in order to relieve the problem of shortage of supply of medicine, lifesaving medicine.

expert review: health care reform into the deep water reform situation is very good

Hu Shanlian, Professor of public health at Fudan University, said: in the production and circulation of drugs, we should trace the source of drug prices. At the same time, how to ensure the quality of drugs? We are going to have a consistent evaluation of generic drugs in our country, so we need to pass the consistency of the 289 drugs by the end of 2018. In the process of industrial restructuring, we must ensure the supply of drugs. In the circulation of the link, the first of these more than 6 thousand pharmaceutical companies to carry out the transformation and upgrading. In addition to the implementation of the two vote system, that is, from the production.

drugs continue to reform, can deepen consumer confidence in food and drug safety, to bring more health. Beijing implemented a standard fee control mechanism in the health care sector, but also to promote the reform of a series of medical insurance payment system. Thus, the overall situation of reform is very good."

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