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Dessert dessert

dessert join big guy tend to Xiamen Maigu food sweet Kou food brands, but for the sweet dessert we still have a lot of questions Curtis, of which we are not very clear, the following will be one by one to answer.

Q: excuse me, what is the relationship between sweet potato and sweet potato, which brand can I join?

A: sweetheart Kate and sweet echo with the subordinate Xiamen Catering Management Limited’s Mai gu. Sweetheart Kate is the company’s direct brand, currently operating only in Xiamen. Sweet honey is the only authorized technical coach Kate brand, it is also has the Xiamen headquarters Direct stores and franchised stores nationwide comprehensive operation of the brand, now all the stores are using sweet Lancome brand, sweetheart Kate does not accept to join.

Q: excuse me, how should I join


A: first, you can submit application form to join or directly call contact us to sign a contract on the premise of intention all join the terms of the contract and risk are understood, and pay 10 thousand yuan and 20 thousand yuan deposit to join the intention, you can start preparing to join the matters. According to our advice to you, you need to find a suitable place of business, and then inform us, we will arrange the specialist to investigate the market and stores surveyingwork and recognized in the place with business requirements after signing the formal contract to join. After the successful signing of the shop decoration design, staff training, store counseling and other related guidance will be carried out until the opening.

Q: excuse me, how do you make the affiliate fee? What kind of service do you offer? What are the costs? Can you provide a list of them?

A: franchise fee is mainly to provide a store to prepare all the relevant services required, including brand licensing, market research, store design, technical training, store counseling and daily marketing consulting services. Franchise fee standard is based on the company’s market size, development prospects and customer needs and individual development.

Q: excuse me, what are the requirements of the store to open the store (place, area, shop type)

A: suggested 30 square meters to 100 square meters, 50 square meters to 120 square meters of shops along the street, more than 120 meters above the required careful consideration, the store should choose a mature business circle, effective (high-end consumer groups, product positioning in 16 to 35 years old female customers, about 30 yuan per capita consumption) flow is larger and stable. Shopping malls as far as possible to choose the dining area (dinner is also possible), to avoid the choice of food and beverage counterparts floor, try to avoid the presence of new shopping malls, on the water facilities complete, no fumes, the normal voltage can be.

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