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The new concept of Wuliangye join policy

this era to survive, clinging to the old routine is not feasible, so go down in front of you is only a dead end. But if you follow the changing times, you can find a way to survive. Take liquor consumption ban, landing introduction, Wuliangye quickly change strategy, in the low-end market, launched to make, liquor sales in all fronts and this, the continuation of wine overlord style. Have a drink, Wuliangye, is respected figure; today, Wuliangye launched a new concept of wine, wine prices civilian consumption desire, since ancient times immediately ignited, cited national banquet for wine! Located in the core of the liquor with wine, the natural ecological environment, suitable for more than 150 kinds of microorganisms coexist, known as the earth with the same degree of brewing more pure distilled liquor".

from the ancient river 150 meters underground mineral, 20 kinds of trace elements detected by rich in beneficial to human body, more conducive to microbial activity, is worthy of the name "springhead. Brewing process follow the "Chen’s secret recipe". In 1368, Yibin tenth generation descendant of Chen Chen family three, inherited, based on the original brewing, brewing formula Wuliangye further summarizes the extracted, this is the history of Wuliangye "Chen secret". Wuliangye glutinous rice, rice and wheat, corn, sorghum and so on all selected from Yibin, from the seed selection, planting to harvest, all in accordance with the demand for raw materials and the implementation of screening and monitoring the whole process strictly. Brewing fortune spring pits is Wuliangye followed 600 years old pit pool group. The continuous use and maintenance, has become the only remaining crypt style liquor fermentation pits, has been in use. While other wineries claimed that the ancient cellar is only a site.

Wuliangye new concept? If you want to join the franchise policy?

Wuliangye new concept join policy:

strict regional protection: each region has strict market protection to ensure that the advantages of management.

advertising brand support advantages: strong brand advertising and advertising agency support policy.

staff support advantages: the headquarters of -time salesman to help agents to develop the market and maintain the market, the implementation of tracking services.

huge promotional advantages: terminal marketing products, headquarters do not regularly carry out a variety of promotional activities.

management advantages: perfect after-sales service system and marketing management training.

profit advantage: high end of the dealer return policy and sales incentives, lucrative.

above is a brief introduction of Wuliangye’s new concept to join the policy, if you are five >

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