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From the stall to the asset 200 in case of a successful history

put a stall in the eyes of everyone is the use of spare time to earn a little extra money just business, and we can not rely on the story of the hero of the stall to earn 2 million! This work is called Xu Dongming, talking about his entrepreneurial process, Xu Dongming heart has a sense of pride after hard work, to see the story of the spread of entrepreneurship in the stall of Xu Dongming.

determined to be boss

Xu Dongming 15 years old began to work, was in a furniture company, the monthly salary of only $500. Later, he went to work in a printing plant, wages are 550 yuan, but this time is not long. The two time was because Xu Dongming couldn’t stand the boss’s attitude towards himself. At that time, the printing house stated that all workers who resigned would be given a bag of apples. So he waited for the boss in the factory all afternoon and asked for his apple. Second days and a day to wait until he has not been able to get the bag of apples. He said in a miserable way that the feeling of working under someone else is simply miserable. So, Xu Dongming vowed that he must get rid of this life, one day he wants to be their own boss.

20 years to earn 100 thousand yuan

since then, he has tried a lot of occupations, as long as he can earn money he will try. He sold appliances, footwear, belts, almost now spread some he sold. Later, he and his friends rented a house. They buy cloth napkins and sell them to restaurants. In order to catch him, sometimes all night without sleep, hand scissors grinding DC blood, he even rent the house mouse and slept in a bed. At the age of 20, he hired a car and started selling bedding in the morning and night. Three months, he earned $100 thousand, so this year became a turning point in his destiny.

‘s first taste of success: assets do not meet the

2 million

1999, 22 year old Xu Dongming set up a family. At this time, Xu Dongming already has about 200000 yuan. Because there is some money, Xu Dongming has some problems in the investment shop worry about personal gains and losses. Finally, it is his wife’s encouragement to eliminate all kinds of concerns Xu Dongming, at the end of the year, the leather line in Chongqing, the official opening of the road in. Due to good management, leather line benefit is very good. Now he uses his money to invest in a clothing store. Xu Dongming said that he often talked about his family and his past, each time will make him a long time to calm mood. So, every time he reminded himself to continue to work hard, this is just a start. He told reporters that he now has reached nearly 2 million yuan of assets. He said he would continue to invest and expand the business.

from the stall vendors to today’s clothing store owner, Xu Dongming paid a lot of hardships. Xu Dongming did not stay in the original "minor", and turned into another industry, which shows his bones with a recommendation

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