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Double 11 can be used to attract customers

is seeing time as fast as the annual shopping spree, whether it is physical or retail, and is now preparing to make a big fortune in such a special holiday. Although "double 11" before the arrival of the major electricity supplier for consumption has gradually entered the fierce fight. In contrast to this phenomenon, the author thinks that the business opportunities, retail customers friends also can use this gimmick, the "double 11" during the show merit, to seize the initiative. The author summarizes the following moves:

1, you single I comfort. Flowers are prepared in advance, in the "double 11" comes a week before, on the same day, the single customer into the store, into the store can get flowers, shopping will enjoy discounts, which can make single people respected, make a good impression on the customers. Activities in the early stages of the process, you can make posters, such as "special gift to special you, double 11 happy!" And so on, smoking customers into the store consumption. Not only can create an atmosphere of consumption, smoking customers, but also to enhance the whole store sales, so as to win more surprises.

2, creative display catch eyeball. According to the characteristics of the festival, the cigarette can be divided into 11 colors according to different colors, creating a festive atmosphere. Supplemented by buy one get one activity, such as the customer to buy a pack of cigarettes, and presented a lighter, the purchase of other goods with a certain value of the same gift as a small gift, this is also in line with the double 11 meaning.

3, innovation activities momentum. Conditional customers, can be placed outside the shop speakers and microphones, single customers if the scene to sing a song, you can participate in store discounts, and get a small gift. This can not only create momentum to attract more consumers to stop and seize more potential customers, and conditional preferential activities, but also to attract customers.

4, members free of charge. There are members of the supermarket system type of customers, can be in the double 11 period, the implementation of free membership card for the customer’s activities, as well as the old customer spending double points. The real benefit of customer activities, not only customers get benefits, mobilize the enthusiasm of customers, but also allows customers to feel the sincerity of our services, and thus prompted them to continue to patronize.

Although the

Festival is a fixed day, although only one day, but when to start preparing, what kind of marketing, according to the various shops themselves. In short, holiday business retail customers must be too numerous to enumerate, combined with the actual situation of their own flexible strategy and take different measures, must not blindly follow, but can not wait for opportunities.

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