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What are the conditions of joining

The story of

bridge rice noodle is well known in the world, no doubt the history of the development of the Yunnan bridge to promote the progress of rice noodles, making it the first brand of Chinese rice noodle. But there are a lot of variables in the development of the times, because we can have better things to change, for food and beverage can be changed because we can enjoy a more delicious food. See the market development trend of this drum noodle, develop new noodle, after 5 years of development, now has more than and 300 national franchise stores, is a very popular brand, many people have chosen to join, join what is drum noodle? < / p>

introduction to the conditions of the bass drum

1. applicant is an independent legal personality of the business, or is the owner of the business, with the "drum" trademark, product, business philosophy and corporate culture.

2. some people management experience in related fields, have a strong sense of professionalism, willing to "drum noodle" as a career to do, have a good sense of service and brand awareness, humbly accept the views of the headquarters to recommend.

3. franchisee must have a certain amount of funds, fixed places, personnel, or have superior property conditions.

4. applicants must be good to have a certain local contacts and resources to prepare for a rainy day.

is not suitable for the following:

1. do not want to participate in the cause of the drum line, not the heart camp.

2. idea is too extreme, do not listen to the views of the headquarters.

3. does not have a good stable state of mind, the existence of the illusion of profitability.

4. joined the drum line just to make money, not to pursue success and brand.

5. no perseverance, no long-term business plan to join the.

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