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The direction of college students venture capital

now college students have become a main force of the whole society, the business at the same time, college students venture also has a lot of advantages in social life, there are many projects are suitable for college students to start, let’s look at what.

: market analysis

stone engraving products, such as flat relief murals, road monument, monument, monuments, plaques and so on, are widely used in building decoration, commercial store signs, the original forest, cemetery and municipal construction etc.. For thousands of years, the original stone carving products is loved by the public, but because of the manual operation using a hammer, chisel, long processing time, high labor intensity, high skill requirements, can not meet the carving large quantity, fast speed, high quality, fine graphics, specification and many other requirements.

investment conditions

that live in the area near the door to rent a facade of about 20 square meters. Since it is alternative food supermarket, you can not sell some popular commodity recommendation

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