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Willing to help others can make the shop business fire

now there are many shop owners just can make money, some busy will not help, let alone a temporary need to do. In fact, the shop owner can be helpful if you do, it is very helpful for the shop business is to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more popular.

one morning not long ago, I was tidying up the shelves, a young couple holding a baby with only a few months old waiting outside the bus station. All of a sudden, the child burst into tears, the couple with a toy for a long time to no avail. Considering that the child may be hungry, the young mother walked into the shop and asked me if I had any hot water.

unfortunately, drinking machine shop the day before the accident before the repair, the water in the thermos is finished. In desperation, the woman said let me get a bottle of milk. The weather is cold, the milk stored at room temperature is very cool, and the child is so small, can not drink milk. Thought of here, I quickly put down the hands of the work, with an electric kettle burned a pot of water. Soon, the child drank milk powder fell asleep. Pink face with a sweet smile, it looks cute. The couple was filled with joy and thanked me.

a few days later, the couple came to my shop with three or four friends, said he wanted to go to relatives, specifically to buy some gifts. Milk, eight treasure porridge, tobacco and wine, fruit…… They spent a total of more than 480 yuan. The young woman said to her friend, "the boss is kind and nice. We’ll come here later."."

send away customers, I feel a lot. The water is easy for me, didn’t actually make strangers become loyal customers, but also brought new customers. Sometimes, this business opportunities may be between the casual charity.

has a lot of things, it is easy for the owner, but is such a busy shop owners are not willing to help the customer, so how to attract customers? So, if you want to let the shop business booming, naturally also need to be able to really help the owner, so you can make the business more prosperous shop.

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