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Join must pay attention to the mistakes

many investors after hearing the franchisee who is not a lot of words for gospel truth, join in with a layer of meaning other. So, to join the venture on the market as a whole there are still a lot of errors, but also need investors to pay attention to. So, join must pay attention to what are the errors?

at present, there are many enterprises or leader will deliberately stressed, publicity and other aspects of their investment, because the majority of potential franchisees do not understand these aspects of truth is often veiled, so leads to potential franchisees is a large amount of fraud.

so, the vast number of potential franchisees who need to recognize some of the new forms of investment in the current when the misinformation, in order to make their own business, join a higher success rate. For example, some of the current popular on joining the protection of misinformation are as follows:

a, is a member of a chain or similar association

a lot of publicity is the leader enterprise total love certain association members, in order to prove or imply their "normal", but the potential franchisees who need to be aware of the fact that: one cannot guarantee the project excellence and even legitimacy. For example, a so-called official background of the so-called national only a certain chain association, which is known as this claim itself is false nonsense nonsense.

is currently in China, according to incomplete statistics, the chain operation association has 45, they are an independent corporation, between the position is equal, and no upper and lower level, management and management of the other. This is called the only a certain chain association, the member of the famous major fraud cases have been many, such as Wantusuli etc..

and its members so far, there is no record of the leader was more than 2/3. So, if the enterprise is known as such a member of the association, what is the value? Not only will not have positive value, but also have negative value, will seriously damage the brand image of the enterprise.

two, the Ministry of Commerce or the local commerce Bureau prepared a case

record only shows that the chief project is qualified or have the legal qualification of franchising in the law, but this does not mean that a project is to earn money or worth joining, because whether a project is a good project for judging condition is many.

at least the enterprise or project to "law", "business", "love" three aspects are qualified or excellent. If a project is only in the case of the law was prepared, and the potential franchisee did not understand the nature of the "business", "love", the project is recommended

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