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The third Xuhui entrepreneurial dream star finals ended yesterday

in order to achieve a breakthrough in employment and entrepreneurship, we must have innovative thinking. College students standing in the forefront of innovation, will soon face employment problems, it is necessary to stimulate the spirit of innovation in order to achieve the goal of entrepreneurship and employment.

"as the core activities of 2015 Small and micro businesses innovation achievements exhibition", Xuhui District third "entrepreneurial dream star" total runoff in Shanghai ended the library today.

It is reported that

9 late in the month, the project team has ended in Shanghai Normal University, 10 outstanding entrepreneurial team to stand out. Project team champion graduates from Shanghai Normal University team, the core of the two founders of the brothers on the lower berth for the past 4 years, but one of them is a congenital blind Shenyang. The enterprise group is the final total runoff into 6 projects, 6 projects all around the cultural and creative industry expansion. In addition to win the first prize of entrepreneurs will receive business support funds 100 thousand yuan, the organizing committee also invited the Jingwei investment and road investment two extremely active venture capital institutions together to participate in the total runoff, two wind investment institutions will be directly related to the "investment" as the project evaluation standard.

in the presentation link before obtaining the entrepreneurial dream star finals champion in September the Internet for the blind auxiliary software "surf star" came to the scene, the entrepreneurial projects, describes the business process. Two bunk brother Zhou Qijie and Shenyang two became close friends, Zhou Qijie worried that the direct employment, Shenyang talent was buried in Shenyang, worried that venture will bring Zhou Qijie to delay, when they hesitate, Xuhui entrepreneurial dream star by   "entrepreneurial dream star" lit two once wandering at employment "or" entrepreneurial "two core entrepreneurial dream, the two brothers to go on the road of entrepreneurship, and attract other partners to join, 6 people formed a business team, and win market recognition.

2013 so far this year, the "entrepreneurial dream star" selection activities were mining more than 200 outstanding entrepreneurial projects, 70 projects directly receive business support funds support, through the "entrepreneurial dream season" and other series of theme activities,   attract more entrepreneurs choose to venture in Xuhui. Entrepreneurial dream star has become the entrepreneur’s recommendation

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