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Hold up entrepreneurship Liu Yuhua Chongqing furniture half

Chinese is never a lack of creativity and innovation spirit, experience can be seen from the Chongqing sofa king Liu Yuhua’s business, even over fifty years, can also rely on entrepreneurial glory.

30, a native of Chongqing years old, memory almost all used a curved wooden sofa, this is Liu Yuhua’s favourite work, the founder of fish dream sofa, although fifty years old, but still did not give up the hearts of the furniture dream, combined with the 7 Chongqing furniture factory, million yuan investment to build Chongqing Union the United States House furniture factory sales center to Chongqing furniture "name".

although not able to go to college, but at that time, Liu Yuhua has a high school culture is the intellectuals, coupled with their smart, soon got the recognition, in 1984 to become the Director Secretary, furniture factory management.

last century at the end of 80s, an enterprise, due to disagreements with director Liu Yuhua was being transferred to Chongqing furniture company at this time, he produced for the first time from the thoughts of the system they do.

1991, after brewing for two years, Liu Yuhua fish dream furniture factory came into being, in order to avoid and develop their own Chongqing soft furniture factory products — mattress conflict, Liu Yuhua to dream fish positioning is designed to do the sofa, its first product was the furniture industry of high technology content of bent wood sofa, a caused by the introduction of strong repercussions on the market in Chongqing.

1998, Liu Yuhua with a bent wood sofa Guangdong Home Expo for the first time in Dongguan, the overnight explosion of red, in the world with more than and 40 regional sales orders, lay one of Liu Yuhua Chongqing as the "sofa king" status.

coincidental composition furniture alliance

In the process of

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