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One of the Feng Shui shop location take away from downtown

Chinese people since ancient times pay attention to Feng Shui, what would like to see feng shui, open shop business is naturally more concerned about. In this small series on the basis of the general Feng Shui said, to recommend one of the Feng Shui shop location to choose one – take the downtown to avoid remote, hoping to help your business!

in the town, people wear to the crowded place is busy. According to Feng Shui’s argument, some people will be angry, the more angry people, the more prosperous, by air can bring business is booming. From an economic point of view, the bustling downtown area, is the most active commodity trading places, people gathered to a large extent is to buy goods.

will store choice in the town opened the downtown area, it can be active to meet their goods consultant, goods can attract customers, will be able to play the role of promotion, do business will be prosperous.

instead, if shops opened in the street out of the way, to avoid the customer. The store opens business, but few customers patronize, will make the store desolate, even a deserted house. According to Feng Shui, people are angry, no one to patronize stores, shops on the lack of anger. Angry little, Yin is born. The shop business is bad and the depression, is Yin sheng. A store of Yin Sheng, is not only a loss of business, the owner will damage the serious energy, resulting in the bankruptcy of the store.

in most cities of China, prosperous areas are often concentrated in the intersection of T type and Y type space, if you choose in this shop, there will be the same as residential, from road Shaqi impact; if not in the shop, and avoid the favor of rich gas. Therefore, in this case, there is a Feng Shui system of evil way.

A is required in the open in T type and Y type Yu Yu crossing in front of the shop, with a cloth or contempt for screens, or the fence, or by the side of the door into the shop population, from the road to avoid attack and dust.

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