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nventory Hefei children’s room decoration there are several major errors

new home decoration is inevitably related to the problem of children’s room decoration, many families do not have to do in-depth analysis of children’s room decoration, with the assumption of decoration, which appeared a lot of mistakes. Here we take a look at the children’s room decoration in Hefei where there are errors.

1, the impact of children’s room decoration misunderstanding beautiful guardrail

The use of

2, children’s room decoration because of the carpet to avoid knocking

3 like lying on the ground to play, so many parents put on a foam mat or carpet. The carpet is not easy to clean, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, so that children suffering from respiratory diseases, chemical fiber blanket can cause the child allergic reaction, mats containing formaldehyde content, will harm children’s health.

small advice: best choice of using the ground floor, with easy cleaning or replacement of carpet bedding blankets.

3, children’s room decoration errors do not pull home appliances power line

small advice: to develop the habit of using unplug the power line.

4, children’s room decoration errors over unified color

small advice: lively children can use grey, light blue, light green and cold colors, help children calm comfort; children introverted personality can be orange, yellow and other warm colors, can give children bring happiness and harmony.

5, children’s room decoration errors too many children’s room furniture


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