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What is the name of the company named after animals

in our daily lives, we can often hear a variety of animal named company or shop name, in the sense of fun at the same time, it is inevitable to be more impressed by such a name. So, if the name of the animal named company, in fact, has a lot of benefits. So, what is the name of the company named after the animal?

first: the beginning of the development of the beginning, the Internet is a virtual positioning of the world. In the virtual world, people have a lot of vision needs, there are a lot of emotional needs. At this time, the personification and the materialization become a mainstream. Like the above listed as the animal brand, personification of sina’s big eye signs, etc..

second: from the rise of the Internet now, entertainment has always been the main demands of Internet users. Using animals to make a brand name or LOGO, is one of the manifestations of this appeal.

third: the use of memorized animal names, to contribute to the spread of brand.

fourth: the use of animal name affinity, help to narrow the distance between the site and the user.

fifth: the use of animal characteristics and similarities between the characteristics of the site, help promote the site’s significant features and highlights.

so if you want to create a brand name that has a profound impact on the store, you might as well use the animal name. Relative to the current market can be seen everywhere in the name of the animal naming may make your shop in the minds of consumers in the eyes of a more profound impression, so that the business is better to do oh.

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