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Hefei to promote the establishment of particle space

Hefei as a central city, in recent years, the development is also closely around the development trend of the whole country, recently, much attention has been focused on the determination of space is being actively created in Hefei.

particle space for creating thought in high energy collisions

"particles of moral is to hit off the exchange of ideas is a high-energy accelerator fierce collision between particles, generating new ideas in the collision, and put the idea into reality." The company president Qi Dongfeng told reporters that the particle space highly focused mining and hatching of intelligent interactive industry chain of high-quality projects, "online" provides the voice of general technology, development of test and analysis, show promotion platform services to entrepreneurs, "the line"   to provide financing, management consulting, product promotion, the exchange of information, human resources training and multi channel integrated services in Anhui province by the intelligent voice industry public service platform for entrepreneurs to help in the early stage of the project innovation start smoothly and the rapid growth of.


In order to make

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