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89178 business opportunities to provide excellent entrepreneurial network information responsibility

there are a lot of false information on the Internet, the choice of business opportunities to choose the authority of the network trusted, from the source to ensure that entrepreneurial sharing, 89178 business opportunities is a good choice!

89178 business network is China’s leading investment information release platform, the majority of entrepreneurs to provide excellent entrepreneurial information as its mission, is committed to helping SMEs to expand channels and brand promotion.

brand meaning

89178, hair together hair! The meaning of the homonym is to achieve cooperation and win-win development of investment enterprises and entrepreneurs.

brand purpose

89178 business opportunities, and always strive for customer satisfaction 100%!   business opportunities in April 2004 formally launched the operation, by the Anhui provincial channel network technology development Co., Ltd. to build a heavy, is one of China’s first online investment platform. Ten years of steady development, the quality of information, access, the number of projects and other aspects are in a leading position, the current average daily visits to the site reached more than one million people.   we bring the latest investment value of investment projects in the 89178 polymerization comprehensive display of business network platform, so that entrepreneurs and investors can more master the latest and most comprehensive business information, and project multi-channel contact, the ultimate satisfaction of the project to find.

and Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Baidu, 114la, 1616 navigation, Ganji, 58 city and other famous sites and local industry website has established long-term cooperative relations, and vigorously promote, people will have massive investment intention attracted to investment enterprises to establish their own channels in a shorter period of time.



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