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Zhongguancun talk about holding together to spend the winter heating

although China ushered in an unprecedented entrepreneurial hot summer, but in the investment community, is still out of the cold winter. The level of the capital market is relatively simple to allow the gradual tightening of the investment market, many venture capital financing.

"catering one-stop service platform began from March and April last year, the light is in Beijing, to the second half of the year has been more than and 20, now a little scale is also home to 4." Build a network trading platform for restaurants and suppliers balance faction founder Zhu Baoju said, "the current Internet business projects not what most high-tech technical barriers, the homogenization of serious, winning or losing is almost depends on the rate of promotion, and promotion of speed depends directly on the financing rate."

"after investors on the project investment money is much faster than the basic ratio, even a team with a 3 round of financing for 3 months." Graphite document co-founder Wu Jie said, starting in September, many investment institutions began to control the risk, I have seen a lot of projects had already reached an investment agreement, but suffered a breach, divestment."

"the market is good, investors expect the company in a new round of investment in the amount of income for several months, but the market is not good, is expected to fall, leading to a tightening of investment." Deputy director of Fosun brothers capital investment Wang Kennan said, "but the supply of funds investment institutions still exist, but the trend in the gathering, if a previous segmentation of the top 10 can melt into the capital, so now only the top 3 can melt into the."

capital to the top in concentration at the same time, is also seeking to.

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