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Long term vision for entrepreneurs and investors are very important

entrepreneurs and investors, these two cooperation and sometimes antagonistic relationship, in fact, they are concerned about the profit. So for entrepreneurs and investors, what is more important?

2007 in March 21st, the first "China most active angel investor award ceremony and forum held in Beijing, Deng Feng, Liu Xiaosong, Qian Yongqiang, Lei Jun, Yang Ning, Shen Napeng, Zhang Xiangning, Zhang Xingsheng, Zhou Hongyi, Zhu Min 10 people elected. World Internet Technology Group Chairman Zhang Xiangning delivered a speech that the ideal angel investors and entrepreneurs with 98% and 2% of the relationship.

Zhang Xiangning after the nets tixa two venture, therefore, has a more profound understanding of the hardships of entrepreneurs. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, he believes that in front of entrepreneurs "lack of list", the first is not money, but had entrepreneurial experience of advanced support, including experience, spirit, relationships, and other financial and material support will be accompanied by.

entrepreneurs seeking angel investment support, often because of a lack of resources. The most typical case is the lack of industry resources. For example, Zhang Zhaoyang in the creation of the Sohu, to seek his mentor, digital survival, author of angel investment in Negroponte. The significance of this investment, far beyond the scope of the funds, which means that the recognition of the entrepreneur, the direction of entrepreneurship guidance, and more credibility, the support of the relationship. Therefore, the company’s intangible assets can be rapidly expanded.

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