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Net red Taobao shop repeatedly hit even Fan Bingbing was stunned

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Taobao shop is amazing, and want to become a network reds, the first condition is not to have a huge fan base, but to have a Taobao shop selling goods on the Internet, so you can double harvest fame and fortune.

2014 in May to become the owner of the Taobao Dong Xiaosa, is a live platform network anchor, every time a live audience can get one million people. With the support of fans, just over a year’s time, Dong Xiaosa’s Taobao store is already three gold crown shop, monthly income of more than six digits.


2015 China Forbes celebrity list, Fan Bingbing topped the list with 128 million of revenue, for the network red, on the Taobao platform, such income is not out of reach.

It is reported that

Behind the

lifestyle change

Daikin, real gold Lianjia, 2012 opened his Taobao store. Now, she has nearly 700 thousand fans on micro-blog, Taobao shop crown, the seller of credit, the summer, the average price of a single product of 120-150 yuan. July 27th, Daikin released an aesthetic tutorial video micro-blog short hair sister welfare five minutes quick ball head, forwarding up to nearly 5000 times.

Red network owner Zhao Daxi and her husband soon because of Taobao, and finally come together. Great joy every day to spend a lot of energy on the user interaction with micro-blog, the introduction of sample clothing and beauty, listen to feedback from users, select the popular version of the style, put into operation after the official Amoy Amoy

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