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Nanjing property market restrictions on the introduction of the introduction of the housing loan lim

house is every one of us in life events in the past, when most people are building his own house at home, but with the advent of the era of urbanization, the younger generation more choice to buy a house in the city, but the high prices make it difficult to accept. Nanjing property market purchase, credit limit policies are upgraded, want to invest in large speculative bubble, which allows the owner to see no longer a room hard to find the dawn. However, yesterday, reporters found that the room number did not retire, there is room for the agency quoted price, even more than the previous also rose 1 times!

"west school district room decoration, onnaing, delivery, optional floor……" Yesterday, Nanjing, a professional second-hand housing site, a real estate agency information published into the reporter’s eyes. Judging by past experience, the "optional floor", marked by the "housing in 2016" are in the disclosure of information should be hung in the new real estate and second-hand housing online to sell, sell is not real, but the real number.

indeed. When the reporter called the number of real estate intermediary have expressed willingness to buy a house, the other said "is so new. You can buy, but to pay 600 thousand yuan room number". Reporters learned that this property will launch more than 300 sets of new homes this month. "600 thousand?! It’s too expensive, but also before 2289! Moreover, now are limited to the purchase of loans, the house is so hot? I might as well go straight to the sales office." When a reporter expressed doubts, the other said, although more stringent policies for some prospective customers to purchase or supply disruption, but the current demand, "besides, developers will use the default mode, and not open to the public sales, you try, they will not accept the purchase certificate and credit report submitted by you."

according to the intermediary people, now Nanjing is still strictly limit, South West real estate 35 thousand yuan / square meter price "red line" did not loose, so the next price will be set at around 35 thousand, "house developers’ secret ‘for a long time did not sell, the price is not up to sell, feel loss, so the real number up to normal." "You first pay 50 thousand to us, the remaining 550 thousand of the money to pay when you buy the property."

"developers refined decoration three rooms, North-South transparent, floor optional, welcome calls……" And this property adjacent to another real estate "new house" is also linked to the second-hand housing site. The real estate recently also reported the news is ready to launch 3 buildings, but the situation from the customer to see the water, by the double limit effect, the first more than 3 thousand groups of customers has shrunk to the group of more than 1 thousand. Logically, customers have lost, the chance to buy a house has increased. However, if the intention of a group of customers is still optimistic about the market outlook and purchase, then, compared with the supply of houses, still less than the demand, which will undoubtedly allow the room number is difficult to completely eliminate the living space.

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