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How to do a good job car repair shop

car franchise business advantage, creating good prospects, public investment are very seductive. Choose to invest in such projects, how do you do storefront renovation work? This is a very hard work, many novice do not know how to start. Xiaobian finishing some suggestions, hoping to help you do a good job related work.

1, should pay attention to the brand. Put your operating brands of products and services, as far as possible on the door advertising. But one thing to note is that do not let all the brands are the same, we should focus on. For example, you are focused on Pirelli tyres, then you should mark Pirelli is the most eye-catching. If you are focused on doing the Dragon film, then you should be the appearance of the theme of the film


2, dry and wet layout. To the dry area of the shop (boutique hall and beauty, Film Workshop) and wet area (car wash station) effectively separated, to avoid the car wash the boutique hall is all water, affecting the mood of the guests to patronize!

3, the lights are bright. No matter what the line, as long as the door to do business, it is necessary to light up. Don’t be afraid to waste electricity, people also have phototaxis, where bright to. Do not believe, LZ can go to the streets to find their own feelings.

4, to do everything possible to choose a dirty or dirty decoration materials and colors. To be clear, this is very important, some shops are covered with moss car wash, who would dare to come here? For example, the best choice of terrazzo floor, because it is a flower, always clean. Dark ground, dry when the show dirty, light colored ground, wet when dirty. These are the basic principles!

5, customers have to leave the rest of the region, do not put the shelves full of boutique hall, guests have to sit down. It is easier to narrow the distance with customers!

car wash shop how to do the decoration work? This is the franchisee is more concerned about the problem. If you want to do a good job in the relevant fields, the above suggestions should not be ignored. It is best to go to the store to visit, accumulate some experience, so as to know how to carry out, I hope the above experience to help you.

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