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What should be done to open the steamed stuffed bun shop

what do you usually eat early in the morning? Steamed stuffed bun should be a common breakfast, we must have eaten steamed bun! Delicious and nutritious dumplings in the market is very easy to sell, so many entrepreneurs have chosen to open a Baozipu to make money, but for many novice entrepreneurs, they do not know how to open Baozipu should be prepared, so Xiaobian for everyone here to summarize the open Baozipu should do what ready?


1, site selection: steamed Kung Fu steamed stuffed bun siting in schools, farmers market, near the station is appropriate, residential areas and large flow of people can also be.

2, rent: the location of the rent difference is also large, the monthly rent of about 1500 yuan to rent a small shop in general between 1.

3, decoration: steamed Kung Fu shop should be simple decoration.

4, equipment: noodle machine, steamer, stove, counters, etc. a total of about 10000 yuan.

5: No, this technology skills should first go to a general, chef training courses have been doing dumplings and snacks courses, training out, usually for a long time practice. If directly to Baozipu with master apprenticeship, can learn about half a year.

wanted to open such a store, also need to be very careful in reckoning in many aspects, I hope you don’t be careless, Xiao Bian said above the five point is that entrepreneurs in the open Baozipu before they need to be prepared, if you also want to get rich quick entrepreneurs, good to open a Baozipu is you get rich quick, good to know the above said these points, I believe you Baozipu business are of some help!

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