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ntroduction of the ten big steak

food and beverage to join the project choice, everyone has the idea of everyone, can not say which people choose the project is right, which candidate is wrong. As long as it is suitable for their own is the best. Join the steak is also a lot of franchisees are more optimistic about a project. But a lot of people to join between the steak brand is not familiar with, do not know where to start, so Xiaobian for everyone here are the top ten brand of steak, hope to help the majority of investment franchisees.

a, [good guest to steak]

Fujian good guest to food Limited by Share Ltd, invested heavily, built a new plant covering 50 acres, with a new attitude to show. The introduction of the German made fully automatic, fully closed steak food processing production line; from the frozen warehouse to the processing room, vacuum packaging to the entire refrigerated transport, and carefully build a new benchmark steak industry. Good customer to the headquarters of a number of western culture to continue to develop professional management personnel, to provide support for the springing up of the store is a strong backing for the restaurant business.

Fuzhou Jiake to food chain Ltd. is currently well-known China steak chain institutions, founded in 2001, formerly known as Fuzhou Jiake to Food Co. Ltd., 2002 registered as Fuzhou Jiake to food chain Ltd., registered in 2010 is better off to the restaurant chain management (Fujian) Co. Ltd., 2015 change to Fujian Jiake food Limited by Share Ltd formally raised the banner of western restaurant chain. Now, the company has a multifunctional operations center, a production base of raw materials and logistics distribution center, and the distribution of the national large and medium-sized city hundreds of chain stores, there are hundreds of stores and shops in the preparatory training and negotiate, and gradually form a large-scale professional catering chain.

two, [Haoshanghao steak]

Haoshanghao originated from the island of Taiwan, focus on the production of steak for 20 years. "Haoshanghao founder Mr. Zhang Maoqi and MS. Chen Jifang since 1993 in Guangdong city of Shantou Province opened the first professional Steakhouse, after training and development for twenty years, to 2016 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shantou and other places to open more than and 100 retail chain and stores, and in 2002 successfully formed a joint the joint venture company, renamed Haoshanghao food chain Ltd.", became a member of the association of foreign investment enterprises Chinese.

Haoshanghao steak with a new corporate image, instead of simple fast food industry mode, create a set of dining, leisure and entertainment as one of the cultural management mode. The past two years is an average of 60 days to open a franchise or join the chain of rapid development. Up to now there are more than and 100 chain stores. Growing Haoshanghao invites a person of noble aspirations.

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