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Guangzhou heavily subsidized innovation and Entrepreneurship

is now the country are actively promoting entrepreneurship, at the same time, some entrepreneurial activities around has become very popular in the Guangzhou area, in order to actively encourage some young entrepreneurs, but also willing to spend a large sum of money to support young entrepreneurs.

subsidies for the largest, is the demonstration of the business incubator subsidies. On the newly identified municipal model entrepreneurial incubation base, after giving 100 thousand yuan subsidy. Identified in accordance with the provisions to participate in the assessment and standards, a one-time subsidy of 200 thousand yuan.

and funded outstanding entrepreneurial projects subsidies is to obtain "win in the above third-prize Guangzhou entrepreneurship contest award or prize, and outstanding entrepreneurial projects within two years of the city to receive business license or other statutory registration procedures for the award date. Entrepreneurial projects will be given a one-time funding: first prize: 200 thousand yuan; the second prize: $150 thousand; three prize: $100 thousand; winning prize: $50 thousand.

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