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Sun Xiaoqiang create a new convenience store in a unique way

new year is coming, not only among the major shops strive to do a good job of service, and in order to attract more consumers, shopkeepers will also spend more energy to create a new atmosphere shop. After all, the new year is the most festive festival of the year, is a festival of family reunion, everyone wants to wear new clothes during the new year, there are delicious to eat, look forward to their own new year, new weather. Therefore, in the new year, people will celebrate the new year by visiting relatives and friends and family gatherings.

therefore, the new year is also the most consumers in a year to spend holiday. In this season, for our retail customers, who during the new year sales, to give consumers a new understanding, who can seize the hearts of consumers, will be able to win more consumers will get the new year sales opener. Over the years, in order to help the New Year Festival, a good holiday sales war, my approach is to use a unique way to carefully arrange the store, to create a new image of the store.

under normal circumstances, the arrival of the new year, all types of retail stores will be hung in the store hung red lanterns or a variety of mascots to decorate the store, giving a sense of jubilation. In addition to the red lanterns, but also in accordance with the characteristics of their own sales store layout. In this year’s new year’s store layout, I carried out a thorough renovation of the counter, all of the goods are not allowed to display a grid.

at the same time, in front of the store placed a little animation, as long as the customer comes in, he will be waved to the customer, at the same time, I also bought a voice in a doorbell doorbell, set a variety of blessing of new year’s speech, as long as the customer to push the door, will receive our wishes for the new year. Let the customer into the store after you can feel the thick of the new idea, the mood becomes happy, happy mood, of course, the more satisfactory shopping.

short, in the new year this special moment, if you want to make the store more attractive, natural also need to have a better image, so that it can have a greater attraction to customers, so that the business of the shop is more popular. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you will learn the owner Sun Xiaoqiang dress up?

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