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Five hundred opened a decoration company

2001, that year I was 24 years old, and I was released from prison that year, I am not afraid to tell you, because I am ready to meet my new life. In that year, I also started their own entrepreneurial path…

has just returned home, found themselves in the society in recent years, too many changes occurred in the whole city, now regret when young, impulse to do some silly things, social development is too fast, not in the society, will soon be eliminated! I bought a newspaper that day, want to go take a look at the development of society in the end to what extent… But when I see the classified ads, I found that only a decoration company advertising, only a little, this is not a business? The discovery also changed my life…

House resolved, then I in the flea market to spend two hundred yuan to buy some office furniture, (5 dollars, 200 yuan is left the day after my daily living expenses) the next step is to recruit employees, mainly to contact the business, or the old way out of the radio to listen to the radio, it is back to the radio station call release recruiting information actually, a miracle happened, from hang up the moment from ten a.m. to six p.m. with much less than more than and 100 calls, said I mouth numb, then just did not work, even so many people. I did not expect that in the second day of the time to come to the 13 candidates, I was so happy that I can not imagine. I also look at some of the decoration knowledge. In the next 4 days I continued to recruit 21 people. At the same time, I also learn to sell them to train them. If they knew that I was such a person. I’m sure I won’t stay, because sometimes I don’t know as much as they do. But I still pretend to understand. Maybe it’s time for me to be there. Let the family gave me a set of business management books, learn a lot of things. Perhaps my specialty is now selling it haha.

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