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Xi’an venture star and give subsidies

the majority of entrepreneurs are actually needed to continue to encourage in the entire business activities, at the same time in such a public venture period, there are more and more entrepreneurs by the local government to encourage entrepreneurship, the form of a good.

The general office of the Xi’an municipal government yesterday released

promotes the public service

financial funds to employment tilt

The evaluation mechanism of

the establishment of public investment and construction of major projects to promote employment, to give priority to job creation and job quality good projects under the same conditions, increase capital investment, employment and entrepreneurship to employment according to the working conditions, in the budget, arrange employment related funds midleg.

stimulate the vitality of talent

named "venture Star Award

to encourage all types of business intermediary service institutions to carry out business roadshow, entrepreneurship competition, forums and other activities, to hold all kinds of financial business activities the actual expenditure of 20%, giving a maximum of 500 thousand yuan subsidy. Municipal annual selection of 20 venture star and give a one-time reward of $10000 per person.

to expand the employment of college graduates in space. Graduate 2 years of college graduates or college students in the city for the first time, can apply for a one-time subsidy of $2000. Colleges and universities to accept college graduates probation and retention rate of not less than 50%, according to the number of retained for the enterprise to give a one-time subsidy of $2000 per person.

is recommended to expand the development space

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