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The successful chain model of replication starts from the site selection model

The pace of development of

industry chain is very alarming, in fact many novice entrepreneurs are keen to choose a relatively low risk of the franchise business, but do not simply copy the business chain, seen from the copy location model on it.

enter after twenty-first Century, on behalf of the chain business development trend of the "top 100 chain", with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%, far beyond the total retail sales of an average annual growth rate of 9.4%, the proportion of top 100 chain "in the rapid increase in retail sales.

location model

retailing was ever such a word, retail what is the most important, the first is the location, location or location is second, third. The importance of location for retail. For the chain, the location for us is still a very important aspect, what is a copy of the first store to do? Is certainly the location, because only the entity shop platform, to provide our products and services.

1, city assessment

copy for the chain site, should be the first to enter the city or the city has entered a comprehensive assessment, collecting the relevant data. Details are as follows:

ü urban background data: geographical location, population size, population density, regional division, urban development planning, public transport, competitors, government incentives and other

ü urban economic data: economic level, income level, housing prices, prices, the development of the industry, such as

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