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How to decorate the drink shop lights

Xiaobian for everyone to introduce how to create a beverage store atmosphere, in fact, create the atmosphere is the best choice through lighting and accessories. Compared to the simple and easy to prepare accessories, beverage chain lighting decoration for many entrepreneurs feel distressed, exactly how to decorate the drink shop lights?

1. neon sign decoration in general, through the neon lights can make the beverage shop signs bright and eye-catching. Neon lights not only illuminate the signs, but also increase the visibility of the beverage shop at night. At the same time, neon can create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Neon decoration must be novel, unique, can be designed into a variety of shapes, using a variety of colors. In order to make eye-catching signs, the color of the light in general and a strong red and green colors, such as red, green, white and other colors, highlighting the concise, lively, eye-catching requirements. Sometimes, the clever changes and flashing lights or supplemented by the dynamic structure of the font, a dynamic feeling, this way of lighting can be active atmosphere, more attractive, can receive better results.

2. window lighting design of light and color are closely related, according to the method of stage lighting design for windows, with appropriate lamp and lamp, not only can play the lighting effect, but also can make the window of the original color to produce dramatic changes, give people a fresh. Window lighting not only to the United States, but also to meet the visual requirements of drinks. The brightness in the window must store high brightness 2~3 times, but should not use too strong light, the light color contrast should not be too large, light exercise, exchange, flashing not too fast or too intense, or consumers will be dazzled., the discomfort caused by strong stimulation. Light requirements of soft color, full of emotion.

3. external decorative lamp design external decorative lamp neon lamp is a development of the modern condition, the general is the decoration in the store around the drinks on the street in front of the shop or on the walls of the main rendering, heighten the atmosphere. For example, many liquor stores up the light network, some even use color light net decorated shop in front of the tree; again made multicolor lamps of various other beverage stores reflect the business content, decoration around the shop front wall or signs, to form a strong atmosphere of consumption.

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