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Ordinary people can not imagine a good project

entrepreneurial road, the choice of business is very important, how to choose business opportunities, how to build the market, how to make a profit? Project selection is critical. I have no people, can be a good success in order to better win the market and win business opportunities! The following small series for everyone to bring a few ordinary people can not imagine a good project!

flexible wire developed distinctive flower leaf morphology; resin in different colors, with a mosaic assembled a riot of colours; the combination of art Art beats nature., flowers of various shapes, which is crystal clear, colorful, not afraid of washing, not afraid of pressure off the crystal flower.

2002, crystal flower craft from Japan to Chinese, its singular artistic conception, the ingenuity of the flower art and unique personalized features, really make eyes bright, even aloof prices can stop people sought for it. Beijing gold pear Trade Co., Ltd. Sun Lihua manager is to see this, the investment of crystal flower craft. She said that the crystal flower process operation is very simple, only need a set of tools (including scissors, pliers, CPT, wire), small investment, select a 5-10 square meters of shops in shopping malls or business district, as well as the material of 5000 yuan, you can open an elegant crystal flower shop.

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a set of digital printing equipment, baking porcelain, a computer, a scanner, a printer, processing personnel without the technical requirements, only simple computer operation, the flow of funds 3000 yuan, you can open a digital museum of porcelain.

the digital museum porcelain, the use of modern high-tech digital technology, the photo or picture transfer printing, printing to bake porcelain, porcelain overcomes the cumbersome process, the picture fuzzy, easy to fade and many other shortcomings make, than the photo effect, never fade, can be printed on the ordinary ceramic tile, porcelain and porcelain. But the most important is that it meets the new-new generation and people do not have the same mentality, the digital vitrotype technology, customers all kinds of new ideas, can be met.

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Xiaobian strange project we have identified several general difficult to think of, I hope for your business help, hope.

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