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What are the advantages of aesthetic investment wheat hamburger

infiltration of western culture, so that China’s reform at the beginning of its influence, which includes the impact of Western food culture, take fast food, western fast food in China is the form of hamburg. And now China GDP has been promoted to the second position in the world, after the United states. In this form, China will pay more attention to the economic and cultural exchanges with foreign countries, and Western style fast food as one of the projects, naturally in China will have its special economic market. The wheat Hamburg to see the market trend in the future, to do more in line with the Chinese taste of Hamburg, is now developing rapidly, has become a famous brand.

what are the advantages of aesthetic investment wheat hamburger?

Mai Limei fast-food hamburger chain, currently more than 100 stores across the country, city, county and other places. The wheat in the "integrity and pragmatic, excellence, win-win" business purpose for the customer to create a "affordable, delicious, healthy and fashionable" new dining experience, consumers and owners of satisfaction and recognition, with simple, dynamic and unique decoration style, fashionable restaurant pleasant atmosphere, practical and efficient advanced application the marketing management concept to provide the world’s most influential quarter selling products, domestic industries to become the preferred business western fast-food brands. With advanced, effective management, QSCVL (quality, service, health, value, loyalty) to lead the market. All the operators of the company have been trained in the system of formal theory, operation, management knowledge, and the implementation of advanced service concepts, the formation of high-quality professional operations team. The wheat burger joined what are the advantages of


Mai Limei join advantage:


1, a high starting point of the big brands: mature brands, one hundred successful model, lower risk, easy to succeed!

2, flexible investment: venture shops, standard stores, flagship store, three stores optional.

3, fast return on Investment: 500% attendance, the rate of turn over the table of 10 times, the profit space of 300%, easy to earn high profits.

4, a lot of profitable projects: the 2 main products, hundreds of varieties, a shop top 6 stores, multiple profit points, little money.

5, easy and simple operation: patented technology cooking equipment, the production process is simple, cooking rookie can make delicious food.

6, the formula to strictly control the formulation market strictly confidential, only this one, Mai Limei Hamburg to join, the history of the highest quality.

7, along with that of a technical training, passing of night updates.

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