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Open tea stores to prevent what risks

tea as a kind of green products, it has been the favorite of many consumers. Tea market development trend is good, tea joined came into being, has become the rapid development of new investment industry. In recent years, joining the tea field matures, but still exist during the fish, there are many tricks and traps to join to join the market. Open tea stores to prevent those risks?

beware of joining the brand trap. Many enterprises in order to attract to join the chamber of Commerce deliberately exaggerated propaganda, a variety of people impossible to guard against the trap. Some franchisees may be the first time to enter the tea industry or the initial business, the specific situation of the industry is not very understanding, it is easy to be tempted by some false advertising and benefits. However, after the signing of the agreement, often do not get favorable support and assistance. Therefore, the franchisee should choose to join the brand, to do a full investigation of information from the industry, evaluation and real strength: search the enterprise official website to check and check the enterprise information; analysis and evaluation of the industry can also promote mutual understanding; through the investigation of its franchise operations.

beware of contract traps. Prior to the signing of the contract, the franchisee should review the terms of the contract, pay attention to the signing of the contract is reasonable, the provisions are clear, whether the legal efficiency. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the conditions of the return of the headquarters of the union, the return of the conditions are reasonable and favorable impact on subsequent operations. If the franchise business commitments for the first time allotted 30 days if not marketable products, but can be a replacement, replacement of the limit is 20% of the amount of the total distribution.

Beware of the trap of logistics distribution

. Some franchisors have no independent logistics distribution center, causes all of the logistics distribution channel is not clear, thus affecting the purchase, and ultimately affect the tea store sales. Logistics distribution also affects the price of the product is competitive. All in all, there is also a market for tea to join the risk, the franchisee to do is to reduce the risk to a minimum.

above is about the opening of tea stores need to pay attention to some of the risks, we hope to pay attention to a lot, a good look at the market situation, so as to better shop business.

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