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Several major projects suitable for College Students

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, at the same time, there are many college students who have entrepreneurial ideas, but when students first choice of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor.

in this with the pressure of competition is the symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge. According to the data released by the Chinese Ministry of health, China’s various psychological and mental illness patients has reached 16 million, accounting for about 1 of the total population. 23%, while young people with a variety of learning, emotional and behavioral disorders and other mental health problems have reached 30 million. This corresponds to the huge demand for psychological counselors is a serious shortage of psychological counseling professionals. In the United States, counselors belong to the high-income middle class, consultants can reach about $150 per hour of income. In Shanghai, about an hour’s charge between 100-1000 yuan.

into the hot summer, cold store sales cooling drinks, desserts, also began to appear in the streets and lanes. Open a cold drink shop although the investment is small, but profitable, the cost is only 0. 5 yuan or so products, the price of up to 1 ~ 1. 5 yuan. So, open a cold drink shop need to pay attention to what? Reporters interviewed several Jinhua cold drink shop owner, ask them to talk about entrepreneurial experience.

third should pay attention to health. Consumers eat in the street store, the most afraid to eat unclean food, Xia Jijian

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