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Poverty is the greatest wealth of entrepreneurship

a lot of investors to venture onto the road, often hesitate unceasingly, because they are too poor, do not know whether to conduct business, in fact, if you really are a complete poor, then this is your greatest wealth, "the poor"!

is not education, knowledge of the poor. Really have no money, wealth on the flat poor. No background, the network on the flat poor. A lot of calculations, the poor really Nothing is right., besieged on all sides, in fact, as long as we change the point of view, looking for opportunities, entrepreneurship is not so terrible. I am poor, how to start their own business!

gives workers a good performance does not mean your ability of a chemical industry, results from tens of millions to do 600 million, the boss said "I such a large amount of advertising, is a pig can do performance". It turned out that the pig would say such things, but it didn’t make sense.

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