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Xiaogan Municipal Fund set up eight combination punches

in the period of public entrepreneurship, there are a lot of social people’s entrepreneurial activities need to be helped, in order to speed up the economic development of the whole society in Hubei, Xiaogan invested 50 million to set up innovative venture capital.

2 day, the Xiaogan municipal government held a general assembly, vigorously promote the deployment of dynamic leap, accelerate the construction of innovative city work, issued 8 documents to support innovation and entrepreneurship policy combination of unprecedented efforts.

to reduce financing costs for smes. The new high-tech enterprise founded, the loan amount less than 5 million yuan in 2 years, according to 50% of the benchmark interest rate to the national interest; intellectual property pledge in bank loans, 2 years to give 50% subsidy financing costs. Enterprises in the main board (small plates, the GEM), three new board, four board listing success, were given a one-time $1 million 500 thousand, $1 million 100 thousand and $500 thousand reward.


the Xiaogan city with 50 million yuan to set up such an innovation of venture capital funds, in fact, for many entrepreneurs is a good thing, because the establishment of such a fund, will better guide the entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.


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