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Some questions must be considered in the operation of local websites

very happy, today is very energetic, did not sleep, write about the operation of the local website some ideas! I got up early this morning, yo, more than 7 points, and done a lot of things. I said that the operation of local websites, some ideas, mainly from my own Beijing classified information network began to analyze. Because the Beijing classified information network, IP, is the highest in four months. Of course I’m so happy, alas, I haven’t slept yet. So, write it well, thank my wife first, today I bought a Book radiator, books are not so hot now, ha ha! Do not say my life. Talk about some ideas of operating local websites.

recently because of very hard on the Internet bubble can say 12 hours a day, every day do a lot of things, to find forums, find what can publish information on the website, with all links, and QQ to do Links haha, busy every day exhausted, but feeling good. Because he is a webmaster, is a Indoorsman, is a good network of acts. OK, let’s begin today’s analysis course. I’d like to introduce some opinions about the local classification network,

one, let’s talk about the architecture of the website,


site structure has a lot of information today I also mention it on the website! Because Beijing classified information network I rush to online (didn’t work out, so the spider was anxious) we can see the reality of life in the web, what was its structure? And then you put the website all columns to draw a sketch, is between the column and column, the title and the title of the link, this is too important, Beijing classified information network that do not know what to do, just said is very anxious before the line, now revised up a lot of trouble, afraid of Baidu black station. So, before the website is online, make sure the architecture is perfect. Learn how to draw spiders,


two, website keyword analysis

website keyword analysis website also has a lot of, how to analysis more accurate, key keywords, long tail word (don’t underestimate it, time will give you a good description of the best IP) should be simple and clear, can query the index.baidu.com keyword is not very accurate, but the results still can. How to do keywords, I will not say, too many such information, we can Google or Baidu will do.

three, what can the website bring to the user,


when the owners make a stand of time, you can ask yourself, this website can bring what users? In a large number of publicity of their website, there is no repeat! If these things to understand, in the hands of developing their own website! Beijing classification information network which point do website is not good. After coding, to these problems, so today I put my own station in the heart of Germany share. After the development, I thought about it, and there was no difference between some classified information networks. Then I developed an interactive communication, because there are many small businesses

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