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Public comment Lu Xin speech sharing dynamic flow

first came to the bottom, and the article benefited from public comment, chief traffic officer Lu Xin’s speech at the GOMX conference, "the secret of traffic" (click download speech PPT).

, finish the crap and start serving.

1, the purpose of traffic

whatever you do, you need to ask the purpose first. After the arrival of the flow, what effect do you wish to achieve?. Transformation of sales? Increase in membership registration? Or something else?.

because that’s the only way you can make the most of your traffic (consistent with business values and business models). Of course, for this purpose, you can also choose the most cost-effective flow source channels.

here need to be reminded that, considering a visitor value can not simply in my average consumption how much money will be a new customer from the specific channels pulled in to do the calculation (see the following formula, think about why).

2, common source of traffic,

I’m sure everyone will have something to say here. No, it’s just because everyone is doing these things.

search engines: PPC and SEO

advertising: media delivery, hard wide, activities, cooperation and other

free cooperation: Based on content, products, network alliance, viral marketing based on

social media: happy network, QQ space, micro-blog and other

sees here, everybody has wood to discover, this is simple flow source way. Simply pull people in, and as soon as he comes, he will go and stay for a long time. He can only answer with three words: "


doesn’t know.

said feebly.

3, dynamic traffic

if the site traffic to a reservoir (the God Lu Xin very vivid metaphor), so we often do things (see second) just to add new users, less active users, to take into account the sleeping users as well as the loss of user.


In fact, from the perspective of the operation and maintenance of

, search engine marketing, advertising marketing, social media marketing or ultimately in order to convert the search marketing brand word search users and direct access to the user (why).

compared to the site traffic as a whole, the second part of the drainage method is only an opening. The focus is on operations, how to increase user loyalty, how users are active, and how to reduce churn.

, look at how to increase user activity.

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