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New experience of promoting enterprise station

When I entered the

in May, now the company to do the promotion, before this, I don’t have any experience, read a few articles on SEO Admin5’s article started over and over. The article read a lot, the actual operation is still a lot of problems. Almost all of the articles are said to SEO gateway station or news station what, by holding a hot word opportunity or wrote a more cattle breaking soft, flow break through X million mark, but the enterprise is not the total station? Soy sauce is a push up, even in the industry news could not find many… Had to try to do the..

SEO this thing needs practice, a lot of articles are just an experience, not a true one.

1. about keyword density

many articles will say, keyword density in 2%-8% is the best. More will be K, from the beginning I am careful to abide by. After a period of time, ranking without any changes, a little anxious heart, began to search node competitors website, let me be startled at the results, a keyword density of 17%, ranking the first 10, anyway, I also really! Now third page (the first page is promotion).

2. about mass software

talking about mass, it is estimated that many people want BS. But no matter what the way, can bring sales is good. An enterprise website included higher, can cover more wide face, not to mention many product page can’t shoot the first 10, customers still the same can’t find you. The use of mass release of product information on the relevant B2C, B2B website, customers search your probability will increase a lot. If you are afraid of being K, you can build 2 websites and send only one of them. Or simply do not bring the web site, only with the phone, not directly online payment products, this effect is much worse.

3. about full static

my programming is poor, basically in a stage that can only be modified. When I got the website I was dumbfounded, that the so-called ASP since the establishment of the enterprise at all stations seen? What have to change over the source code, and the product information page or play the window a bit like the kind of advertising, this page Baidu will be included? Well, Baidu ASP function I slowly change… After Google included is increased a lot, Baidu is still not what changes, it is. Have to say, Baidu static page preference is still very strong, and if you have the technical strength, it is best to find a can generate static, so that promotion is also a lot easier.

4. about station group

generally speaking, the inner pages are not comparable to the first page. Competitive areas, a product category, a product, you can consider building a station. Like our company’s competitors, dozens of stations, each kind of product almost all has independent website, our product is the internal page, how all contend for it. Swap links only yourself

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